We are all aware of how dental anxiety can be a real problem for a lot of people, and that it can cause a lot of sleepless nights. Our highly skilled team are excellent in helping you to overcome your fears of visiting the dentist, through exceptional communication making you feel relaxed and comfortable.
We appreciate many nervous patients may have had previous bad experiences and therefore avoid visiting the dentist. As a result the longer you leave visiting your dentist, the more likely you are to develop oral health problems. We take great satisfaction in helping you change the way you feel about your dental appointments and making each one a positive and refreshing experience.
At White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms we put you in control of your own treatment and take things at your pace. We take time to discuss your treatment needs in an environment free of any pressure and invite you to ask questions. We can also arrange for treatment to be completed in smaller manageable appointments.
As part of our Nervous Patient’s Programme, we offer sedation services. Sedation is most commonly administered intravenously (IV sedation), and we have experts at hand to make this process simple and smooth for you. During IV sedation you are completely conscious and in a deep state of relaxation, with the ability to still communicate. This is a particularly helpful treatment for nervous patients or those undergoing long or complex treatments. Most patients describe sedation making them feel sleepy and dreamy.

The best part about sedation is not remembering the treatment time or procedure involved. At White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms we are proud to have helped numerous nervous patients overcome their dental fears and phobias and creating a warm and welcoming place for all our patients.

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