Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is the perfect solution and most minimally invasive way to transform your smile in a single appointment. Each smile transformation starts with an in-depth discussion about your needs and desired results. Using the latest technology to design your new smile, our highly-skilled team at White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms can take a digital scan of your teeth alongside photos and videos to help you visualise your new smile before starting treatment.
Composite bonding involves hand sculpting tooth coloured composite resin material onto each tooth to give you a more even and uniform smile. It is a fantastic way to improve your smile’s symmetry and disguise any chips, cracks, gaps or discolouration. Composite bonding can be applied to the edges of your teeth, known as “composite edge bonding” or the whole surface of the tooth, referred to as “composite bonding veneers”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth whitening before composite bonding is always recommended to brighten your smile and achieve the best shade possible, we can then colour match your composite bonding to your new whiter smile.
Yes, but masking only works in cases with mild crowding or minimal overlapping of your teeth. If your teeth are overcrowded, we would recommend on aligning your teeth first with Invisalign or braces to help you achieve the best possible result.
Composite bonding may stain, chip or debond over time depending on your lifestyle habits. The good news is composite is easy to repair and can be polished to keep your teeth looking fresh. We recommend regular dental hygiene appointments to maintain the brilliance of your smile.
This is a painless procedure often not involving any injections or drilling, so it’s a relaxing and easy process.

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