Conventional Braces

At White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms we are able to offer fixed cosmetic ceramic braces and conventional metal braces. Our London-based dental practice in Chiswick can help you achieve a straighter and happier smile. Straighter teeth are healthier teeth and it is much easier to maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Metal Braces

With recent advances in braces technology, conventional braces are smaller and more discreet than ever before. Conventional metal braces are the “gold standard” for teeth straightening and work exceptionally well in mild to complex orthodontic cases. Metal braces are great at treating all cases from overcrowding to deep bites and crossbites, as well as overjet cases (top teeth coming forwards) and where teeth may need to be extracted.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces work in a similar fashion to metal braces. However as they are clear or tooth-coloured they have a more discreet appearance and patients report increased comfort as they cause less irritation in the mouth from friction against the soft tissues.

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