Our Team

Dr Bikram Narang, a qualified Cosmetic Dentist, graduated from Queen Mary University London with a BEng in Material Science and Engineering, and from the University of Glasgow as a Dentist. He has an interest in advanced cosmetic and aesthetic functional dentistry and has a passion for providing multi-disciplinary care.

Bikram takes great pride in creating the perfect smile for his patients. He combines his knowledge in material science, smile makeovers and anti-wrinkle injections to deliver tailored facially driven treatment for his patients.

His natural talent with composite veneers has led to his superb reputation within his field and on social media. Since graduating, Bikram has taken innumerable postgraduate dental courses, specifically focusing on Cosmetic Dentistry, to further develop his skills and learn from world-leading dentists. He is currently undergoing a yearlong world-renowned aesthetic programme to be able provide the best and most current cutting-edge techniques to all his patients.

Bikram also holds a strong interest in cosmetic teeth straightening using clear aligners, such as Invisalign. Using state of the art digital smile design and imagery, Bikram can design and create a bespoke smile, whilst the patient to have complete involvement at every step.

As a perfectionist, pays incredible attention to detail, ensuring quality results are consistently achieved. The most important value of Bikram is empowering the person behind the smile. He understands every smile is unique, and each result is a personal one, whether it be a Hollywood smile or a natural smile.

Outside of dentistry Bikram has a strong passion for the gym and travelling. You can find Bikram at White Dental Chiswick on Saturdays.