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Anti- Wrinkle reducing injection 3 areas £300

Complimentary top up within 14 days.
Dermal Filler £350 per 1 ml syringe

New Patient Offer
Examination, 2 small x-rays and a Scale and polish £90

Zoom in chair Whitening plus home kit
£400 normally £500 includes take home kit for home whitening

You no longer need a prescription to be seen by our hygienist!

Cancellation/deposit policy at White Dental

Here at White Dental, we try our best to remind our patients of their appointments with a courtesy call or an e-mail two days before their appointment is due. However, too often, we have had to incur late cancellations or a non-attendance even for appointment slots which are high in demand. The cancellation/deposit policy which is as follows:

Any cancellations made less than 24 hours before your appointment will be regarded as a ‘late cancellation.’ Therefore a late charge will apply.

A late cancellation or a non-attendance will mean that an automatic £20 charge will be placed on your account.

We will require a £20 deposit for appointments made with the hygienist as well as appointments made by new patients. A late cancellation or non-attendance will result in the loss of your deposit.

Any Appointments after 5 PM requires a deposit of £50

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