Orthodontist at White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms

Dr Ilias Marinopoulos DDS, Msc (GDC 101601)

Our specialist orthodontist has a personal philosophy – innovation + precision = beauty. Ilias strongly believes that every face has a hidden natural beauty to reveal and is passionate about facing the challenges of complex orthodontic conditions.

The extremely high standards of Swedish education have enabled Ilias to reach international recognition. He can transform the most challenging cases, using the latest invisible technology.

He works for some of the most prestigious clinics in London, including White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms.

Ilias graduated from the University of Athens Dental School in 2002 – followed by three years in a military hospital. He then decided to continue his education at one of the world’s leading universities in dentistry – The Royal University of Aarhus, Denmark; where he gained expertise in the most challenging and complex orthodontic cases.

Still feeling that he could refine his skills even further, Ilias reached the level of orthodontic specialist in Sweden. In 2006 he underwent his specialist registrar training in the University of Gothenurg, Sahlgrenska Academy. In 2009 he qualified for his speciality studies and the following year finished with his MSc degree with distinction – on the gingival chemical mediators and their correlation to external apical root shortening, studied on 3D radiographs.

Ilias specifically tailors each procedure for the best aesthetic long lasting results using the most comfortable aesthetic systems in the world. He has a special interest in complex adult cases with high aesthetic demands.

Ilias hobbies are to play basketball, squash and chess.

When Ilias was younger he asked his orthodontist why they don’t place the braces on the inside (lingual side of the teeth). She thought Ilias was a funny kid. When Ilias did his specialty, he found out that now we can put braces on the inside and we can produce outstanding results. It’s like a child’s dream come true.