Is snoring affecting you or your partner’s sleep? If so, have a consultation with the White Dental Team and ask us about anti-snoring appliances.

Snoring occurs when the airways become restricted causing the soft tissues to vibrate, resulting in a loud noise that can mean disturbed sleep for the whole house.

We can discuss which oral devices are the most effective way to resolve your problem with snoring and sleep apnoea. These easy-to-use devices are custom-made to fit each person so that they can effectively work for the individual. Two types of oral appliance are:

Mandibular Repositioning Devices:

If the snoring is caused by the base of the tongue vibrating, then a mandibular repositioning device can fix this problem. These keep the airway open during sleep by repositioning the lower jaw and are the most widely used oral appliance.

The device is designed to push the jaw and tongue forward to increase the space at the back of the throat. This reduces the narrowing of the airway which is causing the tongue to vibrate, resulting in you or your partner snoring.

Snoring can be associated with breathing difficulties such as obstructive sleep apnoea, and so it is necessary for the device to be made specifically for the person using impressions of their teeth and jaw.

Tongue Retaining Devices:

Tongue Retaining Devices work in a similar way to the Mandibular Repositioning Devices in that they are fitted into the mouth to help you breathe through your nose and stop snoring. Some people find their tongue relaxes when they sleep and can obstruct airflow.

These devices hold the tongue forward and away from the back of the throat during sleep to keep the airway open. You can still speak and breathe through your mouth as normal, so sleep feels natural and comfortable.


For an anti-snoring solution, call us at White Dental & Cosmetic Rooms on 0208 747 9933 to book your consultation and let us advise you on your treatment options today.