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Semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement

For those of us who have difficulty applying conventional make up or suffer from allergies a semi-permanent make up procedure elevates all worry and allows you to enjoy the benefits of wearing perfect make up that is individually tailored to you.


Creating well balanced and perfectly positioned eyebrows will harmonize the whole face, emphasise the eye colour, correct any asymmetry and give an instant lift to the eye area.

Two main methods being used are:

Hair by hair technique – individual hair strokes mimicking the natural look of the eyebrow hair. Fine mist / Block of colour – imitating conventional make-up applied using pencil. The individual hair technique is ideal for re-constructive work on partially or completely missing eyebrows as well as brows that are sparse or over-plucked. The fine mist works well on those in need of of subtle enhancement, whereas the block of colour can be used for more defined look.


A fine mist of colour placed in between lashes (on upper and/or lower lid) will add a definition and compliment the eye colour with no apparent eyeliner above the lash line. Fine liner (both upper and lower lid) might change the eye shape, optically enlarge it and this way impact the looks of the entire face.

For a more defined look, Medium Thickness or Thick Eyeliner is an ideal option. This procedure allows the use of unusual colours in order to compliment, enhance and emphasise the eye colour, though even the conventional colours from browns’ range will revive the natural colour of the retina that seems to fade with time as a result of the ageing process.


Lip Blush brings a flush of colour back to pale lips. It is the ideal procedure for older clients that are losing their natural lip colour and border definition.
Full Lip Colour is the procedure that will create or bring definition back, correct unevenness, give a hint of colour or give an impression of fuller lips which has a rejuvenating effect on the looks. It allows for the ‘lipstick on’ effect but with no smudging or need to re-apply.

Lip Liner treatment (with or without shading) offers volume and symmetry, as well as enabling you to use your favourite lipstick and apply it quickly and have it remain in place. All of these procedures are designed to enhance your lip shape and shade. The palette of pigment colours used in permanent make-up is very varied and pigments can be combined as well as diluted if a natural look is to be achieved.

Evie Jarecki

I have graduated from one of the best known and reputable Colleges of Art in Poland, specialising in sculpture and painting. The skills that I have gained through sculpture work, drawing, sketching and painting include extensive understanding of colour, symmetry, an eye for detail and manual dexterity. I have continued my studies and further developed my creativity skills while studying Special Effects Make-up Design for film, television and theatre. This background in the arts has led me to develop a strong interest in the aesthetics of the human face and the ways I can enhance one’s natural beauty, at times creating a life changing difference through a huge boost of confidence. Further exercising my passion for beauty and perfection after I settled in UK, I have qualified in cosmetic tattooing (Micro – pigmentation) and I became a semi-permanent make-up technician and artist.

More information about Evie Jarecki and her treatments can be found on her website.

Frequently Asked Questions

When applied by a professional technician, it can create balance and harmony to the face. Whether it mimics a natural look or replicates traditionally applied make – up – it will never draw too much attention. The pigments used are designed to gradually fade away after some time to enable re-positioning/re-designing of it’s appearance in order to meet the current needs. Micro-pigmentation offers a wide range of treatments: from reconstructive work to subtle enhancements as well as variety of styles including very natural to more defining or even dramatic – whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Semi-permanent make-up lasts for an average of 3 to 5 years. However, a number of factors affect the retention time. In order to maintain a fresh look, colour boosting touch-ups may be required 12 -18 months after initial treatment.

Each permanent make – up treatment is individually designed, and begins with a free consultation, where personal expectations are discussed. A perfect shape, position, coloration and style are decided upon and a pencil drawing is made in the area of cosmetic enhancement. An allergy test will be carried out beforehand. Numbing agents are applied prior to the pigment ‘infusion’ process, during which an electronic hand piece is traced over the ‘pre-drawn template’ allowing pigments to be precisely infused into the dermal layer of the skin. A minimum of two visits are required to complete the treatment, as the first appointment creates a softer effect whilst the ‘follow up’ treatment is to fine tune colour density as well as carry out any other necessary alterations and adjustments.

The procedure is carried out in a sterile environment and complies with very strict hygienic standards and routines.
I work using only original, pharmaceutical grade, EU regulated, tested and approved hypo-allergenic pigments, from legitimate sources with a disposable, one – use policy. Single use needles and containers are unpacked and disposed of at the end of the procedure and in the presence of the client. Tests for allergy to pigments and numbing agents are carried out beforehand.

Anyone with sparse eyelashes and brows Anyone with over plucked or poorly shaped brows Alopecia and cancer patients
Anyone with asymmetrical brows or lips
Anyone with discolouration or uneven natural border of lips caused by aging process
Men and women with scars or bald patches in brows Professionals with busy schedule
Those who don’t know how to apply make-up
People with active lifestyle and thos who enjoy sports
Those experiencing difficulties with applying make-up due to poor eye-sight
Those with an allergy to conventional make-up

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