Dr Maliheh Moeinian

Pediatric Dentist at White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms

Dr Maliheh Moeinian (GDC 231760)

Our specialist Paediatric Dentist who is available on an appointment basis.

Dr Maliheh graduated in 2006 from Tehran Azad University at the top of her class. After completion of her internship, she moved to the UK and completed Oral Pathology (MSc) with distinction at QMUL and she found her interest in clinical dentistry, particularly in Paediatric Dentistry. She completed three years training (MClinDent) in this field at the Barts and the London Dental Hospital with merit and passed the UK membership exam in Paediatric Dentistry. Then, she started her PhD on the novel subject, which is “ Development of Radiopaque Resin for Incipient Caries Treatment” at QMUL.

Dr Mali is available at White Dental on an appointment basis.