Many of us have daily routines that we adhere to, however, we also have very busy lives. Sometimes we take shortcuts or forget to do things when we do not have the time. Nevertheless, keeping up a good oral hygiene routine should always be adhered to as it is not only very important for our teeth and gums, but our overall health as well.  It is important to instil a good oral hygiene routine with children so that they continue it into adulthood.

Here are 6 things that White Dental Rooms recommend you do not allow to lapse when it comes to looking after your mouth:

  1. Brushing Twice a Day

We should be brushing our teeth twice a day for a period of at least two minutes each time. This is the fundamental rule for good oral hygiene, however, it is thought that over a quarter of adults do not brush their teeth this frequently, and even more would not meet the two-minute time frame. Brushing our teeth stops bacteria building up that leads to plaque, cavities and more serious conditions: and it also keeps our breath fresh. Even missing one brushing session could cause cavities to begin forming, so it is by far the most important rule to follow.

  1. Brushing Better

We might be brushing our teeth twice a day for two minutes, but are we doing it correctly? Having the right brushing technique is just as important as brushing the teeth at all. One of the most common mistakes we make is missing parts of the mouth when brushing. Missing areas or just skimming over parts of our teeth still mean that bacteria can develop and plaque will form. We can also do a lot of damage by brushing our teeth too hard, which can harm the gums and cause them to recede or bleed.  The correct brushing technique is to brush in one direction from the gums to the end of the tooth, front and behind, including teeth at the very back which can often be missed. The tops of the teeth where we chew should then be brushed, as well as the tongue as it holds bacteria and can cause our breath to smell bad.

  1. Better Brushes

We need to make sure we are using the right tools for the job so that the results are effective. Cheap packs of toothbrushes from the supermarket might be cost effective, but they are not necessarily going to help your health. It is widely regarded that a brush with a small head is the best as you can reach everywhere in your mouth more easily. Soft bristles are also better for less damage to the gums, and if they have staggered lengths then they can clean the tooth’s contours more efficiently. You must replace your toothbrush regularly, especially once the bristles start to splay and weaken so that the brush is still performing well.

  1. Flossing

Even the most advanced toothbrushes cannot reach in between the teeth and so flossing regularly can remove any small particles of food that have become trapped. Some patients may even benefit from using interdental brushes that come in different widths, for those people with varying gaps between their teeth. If you notice ongoing bleeding from your gums when brushing or flossing then you should arrange to see your dentist, as this can be a sign of gum disease.

  1. Saying No to Sugar

We all know sugar is extremely bad for our teeth. Unfortunately, it is one of the most common additives to our food and one of the most addictive substances we consume. Our diet is a major contributor to our oral health, and so it is extremely important to think about what we eat and how it affects our teeth. By avoiding highly sugary foods and brushing regularly, we can limit the damage we do considerably.

  1. Dental Visits

At White Dental Rooms, we are experts in our field and are professionally trained to not only treat dental issues but find them before they potentially develop into a serious condition. Many people only go to the dentist when they have a problem, but the point of the six-monthly check-up is to hopefully stop issues before they start, or treat them early. If you are looking after your teeth properly then we hope to find your teeth in good health, but we will check your teeth thoroughly and recommend the best ways for you to look after your mouth.


Do not let bad habits affect your family’s oral health. Contact White Dental Rooms today to book your check-up and discuss the best dental routine for you.