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5 Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Going to the dentist twice a year should be part of your routine to keep your teeth and body healthy. It is important to communicate with your dentist and ask questions if you have any queries or concerns about your teeth, or the impact your mouth has on your long-term healthcare. At White Dental Rooms [...]

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Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

The experience of sensitive teeth can vary from a mild twinge to severe discomfort that can last for several hours. Sensitivity can occur at any point in our lives, however, it is thought to be more common in those aged between 20-40. You are more likely to experience the sensitivity when you are exposed to [...]

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The Sugar Effect Is Not So Sweet

We are often being told that sugar rots our teeth, but how does this happen? It is not the sugar itself that does the damage, but the chain of events that occur when sugar meets our mouth. Decay happens when the sugar in food and drinks feeds the bad bacteria in our mouth and it [...]

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Speak Out About Mouth Cancer

Saturday 4th February is #WorldCancerDay and many people around the world will be gathering to raise awareness and show support for those affected by cancer. Most of us will either know someone who has had cancer or will have experienced it personally. One form of cancer is mouth cancer, often referred to as oral cancer. [...]

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